ZTM Silesian Metropolis with DYSTEN passenger information displays – video

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Upper Silesia and Zaglebie have a well-developed system of trams and operators served by ZTM – the Metropolitan Transport Authority. The system provides a simple and fast way of getting around Katowice and its surrounding towns, now all part of the Silesian Metropolis.

Dysten installed 110 passenger information boards, another 60 in June

Dysten has manufactured, delivered, installed, and launched 110 two-sided information boards with monitoring cameras. In June, the company begins installing another 60 LED passenger information displays.

The company also provided 170 mobile devices mounted on vehicles operating on lines organized by MZK Tychy.

The boards use SDIP data and display dynamic passenger information in real time.

Passenger information system similar to the one being currently constructed in the south of Poland are commonly used all over the world in metropolises like Barcelona, Wien or Amsterdam. This trend deepens – dynamic passenger information gets to rail, bus, and tram interchange stations as well as single stops.

ZTM – Metropolitan Transport Authority

Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM) – is one of the largest organizers of public transport in Poland. ZTM organizes, manages, and supervises public transport belonging to the Upper Silesian-Zaglebie Metropolis. Established in 2017, ZTM took over the tasks of the three current public transport organizers: KZK GOP, MZK Tychy, and MZKP Tarnowskie Góry.

Every month almost 30 million passengers use the network including bus and tram services.

Read more about one of the largest tenders for the Dynamic Passenger Information System in Europe.

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