Quality certificate

  • IRIS Certification

    The DYSTEN Company has joined the group of producers, the quality of order execution of whom has been confirmed by means of the international IRIS certificate.

    The IRIS certification mark confirms that DYSTEN products meet the extremely strict quality requirements of the railway industry regarding the field of Passenger Information Systems.

    IRIS is the International Railway Industry Standard managed by UNIFE (European Railway Industry Association) and widely recognized by rail stakeholders, such as system manufacturers and rail operators. The IRIS certificate is based on the internationally recognized ISO/TS 22163:2017 standard, which contains specific application requirements for companies operating in the railway industry.

    Thanks to IRIS certification, customers and partners of the company can check what quality and safety-related standards are implemented by the DYSTEN Company, as well as – according to which criteria the company’s products are developed, designed, manufactured, and tested.

    The DYSTEN Company provides the railway industry with Passenger Information Systems, including:

    • interactive info kiosks displaying both departures and arrivals of trains, as well as other operator-specific content

    IRIS certification is yet another strategic step in the development of the DYSTEN Company, aimed at allowing the company to enter foreign markets. The IRIS certificate is characterized by its international nature. It results in various benefits for customers – thanks to standardized requirements, a constant product quality is ensured throughout the entire supply chain and across the country’s borders.

    Confirmation of receipt of the Certificate by DYSTEN at the link IRIS Portal (iris-rail.org)

  • ISO Certification

    The DYSTEN company applies a management system in line standard ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope:
    Design, manufacture and installation of dynamic passenger information systems (PIDS) and audio-visual systems: LED displays, info-kiosks, scoreboards, sound systems, timing systems, wall screens.

    Certificate Registration No. AC090 100/1141/4146/2015
    TÜV NORD Polska

    ISO 9001 is the international standard that sets out requirements for quality management system. Manufacturer must check and apply a number of standards, methods, and many systems on a day-to-day operations.

    ISO 9001:2015 replaces ISO 9001:2008. Quality management model is based not just on customer input but also on input from regulatory bodies, internal departments, the surrounding community, and other interested parties.

    ISO 9001 compliance requires an audit, documented in a report, verifying that the manufacturer has implemented and maintains a QMS that fulfills the ISO 9001 standard.

    Instead of specifying requirements for the product or process itself, ISO 9001 establishes good management practices that result in consistent quality for any product or service to which it is applied.