DYSTEN’s areas of operation

  • Smart City

    Smart cities that use information and communication technologies to interactively and efficiently provide urban infrastructure and its constituent composition.

    • Passenger Information Systems
    • Parking Displays
    • Variable Message Signs
    • Information Totems and Info Kiosks
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  • Produkty dla kolei takie jak infokioski są w pełni zgodne z IPI6 i dopuszczone do użycia w systemie CASDIP po wymagających testach PKP PLK


    Displays and devices of the dynamic passenger information system for Railways. Adapted to the client’s requirements and guidelines.

    • Main station displays
    • Platform displays
    • Info kiosks
    • Public Address system (PA system)
    • Platform entry sensors
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  • Systemy audiowizualne dobrane do potrzeb i akustyki obiektu

    Entertainment systems

    DYSTEN offers scoreboards and sports and entertainment screens in non-standard, customizable shapes and sizes with a control panel.

    DYSTEN is an authorized distributor of Colorado Time Systems – a time measurement system for swimming pool facilities.

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  • Produkty nagłośnienie

    Sound System

    DYSTEN adapts sound systems in public buildings, taking into account the architecture and purpose of the building.

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Product Gallery

  • System Informacji Pasażerskiej dla miast

    Passenger Information System for cities

    It provides current information so that passengers can plan their journey: at the stop, using a mobile application or a computer with Internet access

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  • Systemy dynamicznej informacji pasażerskiej dla kolei

    Passenger Information System for railways

    Mounted at stations and platforms, it informs about the current times of train departures and arrivals

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  • Wyświetlacze informacji pasażerskiej dla miast

    Dynamic Passenger Information Displays for cities

    Installed at bus stops or transfer centers, informing in real time about the arrival time of the bus, tram or trolleybus

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  • Znaki zmiennej treści

    Variable Message Signs

    Mounted in cities and on expressways, informing road users about the current situation on the route

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  • Wyświetlacze parkingowe

    Parking displays

    Installed in the city or in car parks, displaying the current occupancy of free parking spaces

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  • E-paper timetable

    It ensures quick remote exchange of timetables and extremely low energy consumption, guarantees easy and instant network scalability

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  • Tablice wyników sportowych

    Sports scoreboards and LED screens

    Electronic devices in stadiums, sports halls or swimming pools, displaying the results of sports competitions

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  • Systemy rozgłoszeniowe

    Sound systems

    Indispensable if listeners, viewers, customers or passengers are to understand the message or enjoy the music during the concert.

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