Multisport electronic LED scoreboard

Electronic LED scoreboard

Do you organise different types of tournaments and championships? Do you need professional and multipurpose scoreboard? Equip your sports hall with a multisport electronic LED scoreboard, that supports the most popular sport disciplines. Provide referees with the intuitive, user-friendly and wireless control console.

Electronic LED scoreboard

  • The displayed information is in line with the official rules set for supported sports, such as: football, handball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, floorball, tennis, table tennis, badminton and many more
  • The sizes of the digits and the scoreboards are matched to the dimensions of the sports hall and the audience

The scoreboard control

  • An advanced, professional and wireless device that controls information displayed on the multisport electronic LED scoreboard
  • An intuitive and user-friendly control console with a removable keypad, prepared in different languages

Electronic LED scoreboard – MULTISPORT full version

Main scoreboard displays:

  • team names – text display
  • game score – the namber of scores
  • number of game period
  • time-out
  • number of time-outs
  • playmaking team indicator
  • number of offences or the score in sets
  • a game time clock

Additional board I displays:

Volleyball, handball or hockey information:

  • text display, displays wording e.g. ‘SET’ or ‘PENALTY’
  • the number of punished player or the number of set
  • the clock counting the player’s punishment or the number of scored points in set

Additional board II displays:

Basketball information in line with FIBA rules:

  • number of player’s fouls (red colour for the last foul)
  • the sum of points scored by each player

Additional board III displays:

Additional information:

  • the number of each player
  • the surname of each player (optional)

What’s more?

  • We are the manufacturer of the scoreboards, therefore we can ensure the high quality of the scores’ and game statistics’ visibility for all of the game participants and viewers. We will adjust the height of the digits and the scoreboard as well as the amount of displayed data to the dimensions of a sports hall and to the requestor’s needs.
  • The resistance to shots – the front panel is made of anti-reflection plexiglass, that protects the electronics effectively.
  • The electronic LED scoreboard is equiped with the sonorous sound signal.

The most popular scoreboard version of DYSTEN – digital scoreboard manufacturer

The console controlling the scoreboard

The control over the socreboard has never been so easy:

  • intuitive control system
  • fast and efficient control over information displayed on the digital scoreboard
  • preview of the displayed data on the control console’s LCD screen
  • wireless, radio frequency control
  • removable keypads (prepared in any language)