and know-how

DYSTEN is a production company with over 20 years of experience,
having a Polish capital, and being based in Zabrze at Grunwaldzka 91 Street.
The primary focus of its operation is the production of information displays
made basing on LED AMBER, LED RGB, LCD, LCD TFT and, e-paper technologies.

Out of the DYSTEN production hall come the following:

  • Passenger information displays for cities

    Mounted at bus stops or in transfer centers, informing about the arrival time of a bus, tram or trolleybus in real time

  • SDIP dla kolei

    Dynamic passenger information systems for railways

    Installed at stations and platforms, informing about current departure and arrival times of trains

  • Vision walls

    Mounted, among others, in traffic management centers

  • Variable Message Signs

    Installed in cities and on highways, informing road users about the current situation on the road

  • Parking displays

    Installed in cities an in parking lots, displaying the current occupancy of parking spaces

  • Information kiosks

    Interactive multifunctional devices installed in cities, stations, transfer centers, sports resorts, etc.

  • Sports scoreboards

    Electronic devices installed in stadiums, sports halls, or swimming pools, displaying the results of sports competitions

  • Broadcasting systems

    Installed at stations, platforms ,and transfer centers, informing about the current timetable

  • Other products

    Other products within the company’s area of activity, including products supplementing the base offer and completely innovative products based on the DYSTEN-specific technology

Briefly about Dysten

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  • Smart City

    Smart cities that use information and communication technologies to interactively and efficiently provide urban infrastructure and its constituent composition.

    • Passenger Information Systems
    • Parking Displays
    • Variable Message Signs
    • Information Totems and Info Kiosks
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  • Rail

    Displays and devices of the dynamic passenger information system for Railways. Adapted to the client’s requirements and guidelines.

    • Main station displays
    • Platform displays
    • Info kiosks
    • Public Address system (PA system)
    • Platform entry sensors
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  • Entertainment systems

    DYSTEN offers scoreboards and sports and entertainment screens in non-standard, customizable shapes and sizes with a control panel.

    DYSTEN is an authorized distributor of Colorado Time Systems – a time measurement system for swimming pool facilities.

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  • Sound System

    DYSTEN adapts sound systems in public buildings, taking into account the architecture and purpose of the building.

    From 2021, the sound systems department was separated from the DYSTEN company, creating the SAUTI company. More information about the related company at www.sauti.pl

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Our company cooperates with partners from Europe and beyond the continent – mainly with integrators who implement Smart City solutions, Intelligent Transport Systems, and Passenger Information Systems.
We also collaborate with local governments, cities, public transport representatives, and transport operators

We have won the trust of:


Throughout the entire 20 years of its operation, DYSTEN has been associated with the production of information displays and implemented many investments in Poland, Europe, and even in Arab countries.

The achievements of DYSTEN L.L.C. include both small and large projects – up to the production of almost half a thousand displays to be used for one project. The exceptional number of projects is still the distinguishing feature of both the company and the cities in which they were realized. The list of realizations is available on the LIST OF REALIZED PROJECTS page <link do strony lista realizacji>.

The gallery of realized projects <link do strony galeria realizacji> incorporates photos and video clips showcasing some of the realized projects.   The gallery of realized projects:


The basis of DYSTEN’s success is the commitment of employees who persistently strive to provide customers with high-quality products, tailored in every way to their needs. The implemented innovations and continuous product development make DYSTEN a recognizable and award-winning company.

We have received such awards as:

  • Gazela Biznesu 2021
  • Best European Producer of Variable Message Signs (VMS) and Parking Displays in 2021
  • Smart City Poland Award for the „E-paper based passenger information” 2019 project
  • Best Smart City & Railway Information Displays Manufacturer in 2019
  • Two international Global Light Rail Awards 2018
  • Best European Producer of Railway Information Displays in 2018
  • Dysten reaching the final of the Biggest Polish Design-oriented Competition in 2018

More on the awards can be found in the AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS section


There are many people behind the success of our company – starting from production workers, device designers, trade specialists, up to service technicians. We work as one big team, in which everyone has their place and the right to their own opinion. DYSTEN brings together people from all walks of life, characterized by different skills and talents, and having different values. We remain individualists working in a team.


The DYSTEN company was established in 1999, was founded by Paweł Kryszak and Krzysztof Szawerna, and has been dynamically developing under their leadership to this day.