Swimming competition timing system

Precise time measurement during swimming competition

Get the advantage over the competition using innovative and reliable products for measuring time/scores. Trust Colorado Time Systems – manufacturer of swimming competition timing system whose projects can be found in 120 countries around the world. The Company services 80% of the swimming installation market in the United States.  

Swimming competition timing system – System 6 Timing Console

Colorado Time Systems sets the standard in aquatic timing and scoring with the System 6 Timing Console. The System 6 is used worldwide at Championship meets, including FINA and NCAA Championships.

Swimming competition timing system – System 6 Timing Console is a central point of time measurement, that coordinates information from:

  • a start system
  • touchpads
  • starting blocks
  • additional buttons and long-distance referees’ workstations (for diving and synchronised swimming)

The swimming competition timing system – System 6 sends information to the scoreboard, the competition management software, a printer, sound indicators and clocks counting shots (water polo).

PZP Partner

“Colorado Time Systems is a leading manufacturer of swimming competition timing systems recommended by the Polish Swimming Federation.”

Andrzej Kowalski / President of the Polish Swimming Federation

Swimming competition systems

  • Championship/infinity start systems
  • Start platforms
  • Touchpads
  • Wireless timing systems
  • Train Right training systems
  • Scoreboards (built basing on LEDs)
  • LED screens display visualization of competitions results

Start System

Start your meets with confidence with a Start System from Colorado Time Systems. Choose from the Infinity Start System or the Championship Start System. Both are excellent choices, and each offers limited PA functionality.

Start System Championship

The Championship Start System delivers rugged durability and long lasting performance. This high-powered, easy to set up system is an excellent choice for larger aquatic facilities

Infinity Start System

The Infinity Start System makes an excellent entry-level start system, and its lower cost makes it a great choice for smaller pools and recreation centers. It is an easy-to-use portable start system and limited public address system

Colorado Time Systems Touchpads

Touchpads with a patented surface texture AquaGrip. AquaGrip pads are a combination of the best start solutions. They respond to a touch that is remarkably light, but at the same time provide a push-off that is thoroughly firm. All AquaGrip pads have a solid and durable plastic construction and their non-skid coating provides an excellent support for hands and feet.

We will help you to choose the perfect pad for your facility. We offer a wide range of standardised sizes and mounting solutions for swimming pools with a gutter or flat-walled swimming pools. There is a possibility to manufacture customised touchpads.

Start Platform

Judging relay race with Colorado Time Systems Start Platform is the most accurate way to judge relay exchanges. The platform senses the time of the swimmer leaving it and CTS’ time console automatically compare this time with the time of incoming swimmer’s finish on the touchpad. Relay exchanges are sensed with 1/100th of a second accuracy. The NCAA has declared that automatic relay judging is the fairest and most accurate way to judge relay exchanges. All Division I NCAA Championships must use electronic relay judging. During men and women Division I NCAA, Colorado Time Systems’ platforms are used exclusively.

Start reaction time

On every start, the starting platform senses when the swimmer leaves the platform and compares the time to the start impulse from the start system with 1/100th of a second accuracy. During the competition and at the beginning of a race start reaction times of competitors can be displayed on the scoreboards.


CTS start platforms are available in standardised version and backlit („Speedlight”). The version „Speedlight” has LEDs across the front of the start platform, which flashes with the start tone. It is benefitial for all competitors, because they get a visual signal without altering their race-ready posture.

‘Train Right’ Training System

Portable training system includes everything that is needed to optimise the swimming training. The System is dedicated to an individual training, includes equipment of 1 swimming lane and enables checking the repetitivness of each element of the training. It is successfully used by a number of first league swimming teams around the world as well as other organisations and institutions involved in organisation and running swimming competitions.

The System includes:

  • a mini-touchpad (with a width up to 76,2 cm)
  • a starting block with a light indicators start system ‘Speedlight’
  • a training clock ‘QuickStart Pro’
  • the ‘Infinity’ start system
  • a suitcase for transport and storage

A set of training functions::

  • time of a turn in relay race,
  • start reaction time (both for starting from the block and backstroke),
  • speed of turning,
  • time of airborne phase,
  • a simple option of counting swum lengths,
  • a simple pace clock,
  • a clock with cumulative time betwen the turns,
  • a pace clock with a takeoff time,
  • other functions

The ‘Train Right’ System is a perfect choice for any swimming coach who wants to master the technigue and the results of his contestants by means of the equipment used during professional competitions.

Wireless Swimming competition timing system “Delfin”

Dolphin is a reliable wireless timing system compatibile with Hy-Tek Meet Management interface. Dolphin enables wireless synchronisation of measured times during swimming competitions. Significantly reduces the effort required to determine and verify the results. A synchronisation of all stopwatches with a common starting signal improves accuracy of the measurement in comparision to the use of standardised hand-held ones.

Dolphin System includes:

  • hand-held wireless stopwatches for each lane
  • a starting unit
  • a base unit, connected with your laptop by a USB cable, servicing Hy-Tek Meet Manager module

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