Two global Light Rail Awards for Dysten

Dysten won two major international awards at the final of the Global Light Rail Awards 2018 in London. The source of both successes is the company’s commitment to the latest low-energy technologies, implemented for passenger information purposes.

Best Customer Initative 2018

E-papier Dystenu nagrodzony światową nagrodą Global Light Rail Award 2018

The first award – Best Customer Initiative 2018 – was awarded by the jury for the e-paper timetable. The technology, originally known from e-book readers, in Dysten’s implementation is resistant to vandals, weather conditions and… flexible – like many solutions implemented by Dysten.

The e-paper timetable allows you to manage the displayed timetables and warnings centrally – via the Internet, e.g. using the cloud and independently for each stop. Power consumption is so low that expensive power connections become unnecessary, and the system can be expanded with additional options to increase passenger safety.

The main patron of the Best Customer Initiative award is The North Star – a global consulting company that advises large transport operators and cities on how to build public transport to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. The award-winning E-paper timetable allows you to save large amounts of money that are regularly allocated to electricity bills by transport organizers in typical passenger information systems.

Technical Innovation of the Year 2018

The second prestigious award won by Dysten in London – Technical Innovation of the Year 2018 – Infrastructure – every year the competition attracts hundreds of companies and the best ideas from around the world. Światowe nagrody dla Dystenu za systemy informacji pasażerskiej

Also in this category, the new e-paper timetable turned out to be an insurmountable winner for competitors, which for large chains is an opportunity to reduce maintenance costs, especially outside city centers, without losing functionality.

Thanks to additional options, public transport operators and organizers can increase safety at stops, send dynamic warnings and messages to any location, and also display them graphically. The patron of the Technical Innovation of the Year award is UK Tram – an organization that brings together the largest public transport operators in the British Isles.

Analysis of solutions – how the British do it

The Global Light Rail Awards competition is organized in such a way that participants do not know who is personally examining their solution. Each evaluation team consists of up to 5 people. Each category is assessed by a different team of experts.
All jury members are professionally involved in public transport – there are representatives of transport operators and organizers, global consulting companies that specialize in public transport consulting, as well as people responsible for public means of transport in metropolises.

A special place

The awards ceremony takes place annually in the heart of the City of London, the historic home of the Honorary British Artillery, sometimes visited by the Queen of England. Until the awards ceremony, it is not known who the winner will be and it always causes great emotions.

Polish finalist

The finalists of this year’s competition come from 12 countries, mainly European ones. Dysten is the only Polish company that has won the main prize twice in the history of the competition. So far, the only Polish company that won the Highly Recommended distinction (not an award) was PESA from Bydgoszcz, a manufacturer of railway and tram rolling stock.

Global Light Rail Awards 2018 Global Light Rail Awards 2018

Dysten – Polish technical thought and own development path

Dysten relies on its own engineers and a dynamic research and development department, proprietary solutions and opportunities provided by its own, independent production line.

Global Light Rail Awards 2018 - DYSTEN

The awards show that the chosen development path gives the company the opportunity to create exemplary solutions and compete on the most difficult, most technologically advanced markets.