Sound system of the military culture center

The new sound system of the Warsaw Garrison Command Club

Warsaw Garrison Command Club is the military culture center. The place where is creating conditions for the development of amateur artistic movements. Culture Centre has undergone major renovation, work included the replacement of the sound system.

Theater and cinema Hall (Scene Garrison) and “Pillared hall” has been equipped with a modern audio system by DYSTEN Company. Acoustic Adaptations and electroacoustic installations designed our partner TELOS company.

The work carried out in the framework of the project:Nagłośnienie Klubu Dowództwa Garnizonu Warszawa

  • Individual sound system project made by TELOS
  • Installation of the system by PowerBox
  • Delivering sound devices – MBHO microphones and Fohhn Audio speakers
  • The integration of audio system
  • Providing accessories that allow to work of the system outside the Club – mobile PA system