PKP Railway station Puławy Miasto

PKP Puławy Miasto passenger information displays

In 1959, a two-story railway station was built. From April to December 2016, the property was rebuilt. As part of the investment, the building was rebuilt into a single-storey building and adapted to the needs of the disabled, the façade and roofing were renovated, and monitoring was installed. The official opening took place on December 19, 2016.

DYSTEN delivered, installed and launched the local passenger information system DYSTEN TRAIN INFO.

Elements of the passenger information system

  • main station display of arrivals/departures
  • departures/arrivals six-line display ideal for medium-sized stations
  • voice and visual passenger information server
  • operator position
  • software for managing boards and passenger information
  • launching the passenger information system
  • system of automatic voice announcements in 2 languages
  • microphone stand with mixer and accessories.