70 Passenger Information Boards in the Tricity

TRISTAR – 70 Dynamic Passenger Information Boards

The TRISTAR Integrated Traffic Management System, which also includes DYSTEN dynamic passenger information boards, is now one of the most modern system of this kind realized in Poland. This system is characterized by great organization and consistency. It also allows automatic management of traffic in the area around the Tricity, using the technology of the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Thanks to the cooperation created between the governments of these three cities (Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia), it was possible to create such an extensive system made of multiple modules.

The TRISTAR system is an open tool. It means that it is possible to create access control module for traffic areas in major cities, the control module for bus-pass use, expansion of the parking information system based on this system. TRISTAR significantly improves the processes of transport management in the Tricity, allows modeling of communication and rises the level of comfort of the residents and visitors.

DYSTEN delivered 70 dynamic passenger information boards and provided training in their use.

The benefits of system implementation

  • increased level of passenger comfort during movement in the cities;
  • significant improvement in traffic safety;
  • increased efficiency of transmitting the necessary information to drivers and passengers of public transport;
  • better management of transport infrastructure;
  • more efficient control of the transport system functioning.

Passenger Information System Boards for Public Transport

The system provides passengers of Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot information about actual departure times of public transport vehicles – buses, trolley buses and trams.

The information displayed on the PIS boards:

  • line number
  • driving direction
  • actual departure time, given in minutes
  • important messages in the form of flowing text, at the bottom or at the top of the LED display

Dynamic Passenger Information boards are equipped with the Text To Speech button for the blind and partially sighted people. After pressing the button, is read the timetable.
Under the TRISTAR project have been installed 73 passenger information boards – 34 passenger information displays in Gdynia, 4 in Sopot and 35 in Gdansk. In the case of Gdansk.