Jazovia Cultural Center’s sound system

Cultural object’s audio system


The DYSTEN company provided a modern cultural center’s sound system. It gives high quality sound and comfortable conditions for artists.

Jazovia Cultural Center is a project of Krzysztof Kobyliński. It is a great place to create art and culture, especially recordings, video and audio releases concerts, premieres, exhibitions, workshops, as well as other cultural activities. Jazovia is located in the Old Town of Gliwice and consists of a concert hall, recording studio, art gallery, summer theater space and a restaurant with jazzclub.

There is concert hall and recording studio open at the moment. The concert hall was made according to the highest international standards. You can find the piano Steinway D and full backline, special attenuation and dispersion of sound, air conditioning, ventilation, Digidesign Fohhn sound system, which ensures perfect sound. Recording studio is connected to the concert hall, which has been fully adapted to live and studio recordings.


The unusual object in the center of the industrial town of Gliwice. The unique, private concert hall, connected to the recording studio. One of the most interesting projects in which we participated. Mike Stern, Mark Whitfield, Adam Makowicz, Bill Evans, Branford Marsalis, Bireli Laurene are just a few of the nearly 100 greatest jazz musicians of the world and Poland, who gave concerts in Jazovia.

It is often a challenge to make a good cultural center’s sound system. Knowing, that we construct electroacoustic system for such a serious, but not so big facility, we have made a special effort to provide ideal conditions for playing and listening to jazz music in the limited space and unusual arrangement of the stage and the audience. We also set ourselves the goal to achieve a good integration of visual speaker devices.


The speaker units were provided in the color that matched to the color of construction on which they were mounted. This made the visibility of devices as minimized as it could.

Calibration of equipment carried Ralf Freudenberg – Fohhn Audio AG engineer, who used a special measuring system FAMS, developed by Fohhn. By using this sophisticated technology, the speaker has become a reliable, easy-to-use tool for sound engineers work.


We provided a modern cultural center’s sound system and achieved an impressive quality of music and voice reproduction in a small space with unusual arrangement of the stage and the audience.


“I appreciate sound systems that sound great and give natural sound, but at the same time do not require the bulk of the work associated with the configuration. Thanks to the program, the desired effect is achieved within seconds.”

Grzegorz Gutowski
Sound engineer

“Fortunately, the equipment selection, as far as the producer, was quite obvious – Fohhn speaker systems include devices highly regarded by jazz musicians around the world. The difficulty was to preserve the closeness into the sound and the relationship between musicians and audience. The geometric arrangement of Jazovia requires these two features. At the same time, the speaker system can not be the primary sound source and only has to level tonal balance between the various instruments for individual sections of the audience. I think that we did this task well. Most of the participants of the concerts in Jazovia, do not even know that the speaker system works during concert, which is due to devices, their configuration, alignment and above all, sound engineers that do a great work.”

Wojciech Zieliński
Speaker system designer
TELOS Company owner