Dynamic parking guidance signs in city center

Next implementation concerning of car parking monitoring system. This time our dynamic parking guidance signs have been installed in the city center in Piekary Slaskie.

Dynamic parking guidance signs displays the number of empty slots

In Piekary Slaskie, in the framework of the Parking Management System we installed two car park dispalys showing the number of free parking spaces. One at the crossroads Bytomska and Wyszynskiego street, the other at the junction of Bytomska and Wigura street. Now is monitored 137 parking slots.  On both dynamic parking guidance signs is display separately information about the number of free parking spaces for disabled people.

Dynamic parking guidance signs:

  • LED technology – the best choice for car park displays exposed to the sun
  • Information about the availability of parking spaces for disabled people
  • Instant update of data – real time data about free parking spaces
  • Additional protection against vandalism
  • Resistance to weather conditions – rain, snow, wind, high and low temperatures
  • The size, shape, color according to the client vision – as a manufacturer we adjust the dynamic parking guidance signs to the city / customer guidelines

Read more about the product: LED parking displays


During the project “Dynamic Parking Information System” in Piekary Slaskie carried out by BT Skyrise Sp. z o.o., the DYSTEN company proved to be a reliable performer. In terms of DYSTEN work was to design, manufacture, assembly and partial integration [car park displays] with the BT Skyrise IT system. All above mentioned works and devices were made in accordance with the technology and quality practices and standards. Provided devices characterized good quality workmanship and failure-free. DYSTEN Sp. z o.o. employees, during the implementation stage, demonstrate professionalism. DYSTEN company is a good, reliable partner, and its products are high quality.

Chairman of the Board BT Skyrise
Jarosław Pilarczyk