Variable Message Signs

Variable Message Signs

DYSTEN LED Variable Message Signs guaranteed to last at least 15 years due to the installation of selected LEDs, minimising the power consumption. DYSTEN as a manufacturer of Variable Message Signs is able to give them any shape and size, adapting them to the local branding and conditions.

DYSTEN more than standard

Boards and Signs with Variable Message:

  • Compatible with European standards and guidelines for boards and variable message signs
  • Equipment guaranteed to last at least 15 years due to the installation of selected LEDs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Emitting multiple signals depending on traffic conditions and the needs of road administration
  • Excellent visibility on the road, regardless of the time of year or particular day
  • Remote control


Variable Message Signs – traffic solution

LED Variable message signs are key elements of dynamic traffic management systems. They are used to display messages about current traffic conditions. Depending on the situation they display warnings, inform drivers of specific conditions or indicate specific solutions, for example a suggested detour. And all this from one location – the central traffic management headquarters.

VMS Products

Variable Message Signs Products

  • Traffic Information Sign – mounted in highway, expressway, toll, tunnel and bridge
  • Driver Feedback Signs / speed limit sign – radar speed signs
  • Mobile Variable Message Signs – suitable for mounting on emergency and service vehicles
  • Car Park Sign – for guidance of motorists in real-time including variable direction arrows to provide additional information about alternative parking locations
  • Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIP)
  • Weather Boards – Inform drivers of the weather conditions outside
  • Solar Powered Variable Message Signs