Passenger Information System for railway

Passenger Information System for Railway

Railway Passenger Information System increase the travelling comfort for passengers, giving them real-time information. We are designing, installing and maintaining passenger information systems for every rail environment: trains, stations, tunnels, platforms, stops and hubs. We offer display solutions for large and small train & metro stations. DYSTEN provides usefull Passenger Information System for railway (PIS) and modern displays. See how we do it.

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Tailored solution

As a manufacturer we fit our passenger information displays to the railway standards,  specific customers needs and for each installation – even in the most demanding of environments


DYSTEN offers complete wide range of passenger information displays provide instant information from enetring the station to boarding the train / metro


Passenger Information System for railway enables flexible customization and easy integration with existing infrastructure

Scheme of Passenger Information System for Railway

DYSTEN rail-time solutions for railways


  • modern hight-quality  TFT LCD, LED and LCD displays technologies specially designed for demanding environments
  • work 24 h /7 days
  • brightness dimmer
  • low energy consumption
  • long lifetime
  • resistance to weather conditions like snow, water, sunlight, high and low temperature (adapted to the installation location)

Dysten more than standard

  • preview to platform, tunnel or station, thanks to camera mounted in a device
  • Text To Speech system allows visually impaired persons use rail transportation
  • possibility to display not only timetable information but also video and animations (now you can inform deaf people that train is coming on platform)
  • 8 hours work without power
  • additional protection against vandalism

Railway Displays

Passenger Information Display for Railway & Metro Stations

DYSTEN customized displays provide complete trip information to get your passengers to their final destination

Rail passenger information display in ticket hall for small Railway Station

Railway passenger train time table display in LCD technology

LCD / TFT passenger information display for large railway station

Solutions for station

Keep your passengers informed wherever they are. Real time schedule information for passengers from large arrival and departure boards in the ticket hall to smaller displays in many busy areas in station


Modern and high – quality displays with LED, LCD or LCD / TFT technology, customized to your station information needs and places to installation

International solutions

DYSTEN passenger information displays are prepared for information change around the globe. Passenger information boards are tailor to the Metro or Rail requirements

Passenger information

Passengers can easily view:

  • train / metro arrivals
  • train / metro departures
  • delays
  • timetable changes
  • service advisories
  • static and dynamic advertisements

Installation methods

Various types of installation methods – mounting from:

  • ceiling
  • shelter
  • wall
  • pool
  • or floor totem


The information is automatically delivered to passenger information displays using DYSTEN TRAIN INFO or other railway time table information system

Platform & Tunnel displays

Rail Time Solutions for Platforms & Tunnels

LCD platform passenger information display

TFT platform passenger information display

TFT Passenger Information Display for tunnels

Next train information

Displays dedicatet for platforms and tunels give passenger detail information about oncoming train or metro

Suitable solutions

We can offer small, medium or large in single sided or double sided formats of devices, with an analog or digital clock. All depends on the preferences of the customer

Respect regulations

We produces devices to any size and configuration of platform, respecting railway / subway regulations and designe projects

Passenger Information Displays and Infokiosks

Passenger Information Displays and Infokiosks

Passenger Information boards next arrivals and departures

Digital-out-of-home passenger information

Display of next 20 departures and arrivals

Passenger Information Boards

Freestanding passenger information boards presented next 20 departures and arrivals. One-sided or two-sided devices mounted at stations and platforms.


Made in LCD technology Infokiosks display information such as timetables, travel tips, maps connections, ticket prices, weather conditions and advertising. Changing the content using the installed buttons – up / down, next / previous page.

Wide scope of information

The passenger information display shows the next departures and arrivals for 20 trains. The screen can also emit graphics, animations and videos.

for Train / Metro

Visual information in train & metro

LED Destination Sign, Next-Stop Display and Multimedia Display

Showing data:

  • departures
  • changes
  • current location
  • entertainment content
  • adverts

On-board passenger information displays are controlled by computer that can show information such as:

  • temperature outside
  • weather conditions
  • speed
  • date and current time etc

Voice announcements

Voice announcements on vehicles gives on-board train and metro next-stop automatic voice announcements. Automatic Voice Passenger Information System not only make transit accessible to more people with disabilities, they also provide better on-board information to help tourists reach their destinations. The messaging can be repeated many times and in multiple languages.

Place of installation:

  • in the front of vehicles
  • on their sides
  • in the rear
  • inside

Depending on the needed resolution and the available installation place, displays with different dimensions are used

System SOS | INFO

Alarm and Text To Speech System

Two-way communication panel is equipped with an SOS button, INFO button, microphone and speaker. SOS button allows immediately communication with assistance passenger center.

Panel SOS | INFO

  • Audio or audio / video connection
  • Hands-free device, equipped with a microphone, speaker, SOS button and INFO button
  • Braille description of the buttons
  • LED diods installed around the buttons
  • Automatic function to tune the volume to the level of background noise – a passing train does not drown out conversation
  • Installation possible on existing network infrastructure and architecture
  • Housing resistant to weathering, made of stainless steel
  • Durable construction, protected against vandalism

System Train Info

Railway Passenger Information System “DYSTEN TRAIN INFO”

DYSTEN TRAIN INFO – Passenger Information System for railway interfaces directly with the Rail system central server to gather schedule information and train / metro locations. The real – time information is then trasmitted to the right station display, right platform display or to the on-board train /metro display, in either LED, LCD or LCD-TFT technology. DYSTEN Passenger Information System for railway gathers and displays information automatically but interface in the operative control center allows for manual schedule changes and custom messages. Automatic voice announcements is integrated with the system.

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