E-paper passanger information display

E-paper Passenger Information Display

E-paper passenger infomation display is an alternative to traditional paper timetables or LED and LCD displays on bus stops.

E-paper features very low power consumption, which is consumed only during changing the content. Energy can be derived from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. The content can be static or dynamic.

The device works 24 hours a day, 360 days a year.

The update is through a 3G browser. A centralized solution facilitates the operator’s work. Updates can also be made automatically at operator-defined times.

Energy efficiency

E-paper display is extremely energy-efficient . Electronic paper consumes only energy when updating / refreshing the timetable. Power can be derived from renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or low power wind turbines.

Excellent visibility

  • The displayed content is strongly contrasted and distinct
  • The screen does not light the user’s eye and does not tire the eyes (even if the e-paper has backlight – the LEDs illuminate the screen from above)
  • E-paper has an excellent viewing angle – the text is legible at any angle
  • The screen does not shine and does not reflect strong light – the content is perfectly visible in full sun

Uncomfortable assembly

The E-paper timetable is light and thin, so it can be mounted almost anywhere using existing urban infrastructure and saving on additional components. Installation on pillars, columns, lanterns, walls and even the bus stop.