Perfect fit

DYSTEN has been cooperating with companies from the public transport sector, especially railways, for years. We produce many types of passenger information devices at railway stations, in transfer centers, on platforms, crossings, in trains, outside railway carriages and in the subway. All our solutions are selected individually based on customer requirements – from concept, design, production to assembly, commissioning and service.

Extreme outdoor resistance

Rain, snow, frost, wind, strong solar radiation, UV radiation, dust – these are standard factors affecting electronic devices on railways. We use the latest technologies to ensure that the image and text you see on the displays are legible in the most difficult conditions with wide viewing angles. Our devices have advanced temperature management systems. During hot weather, when the heated housing can reach 70-80 degrees Celsius, DYSTEN displays work as effectively as during 50-degree frost. We produce vandal- and weather-resistant housings in accordance with the IP65 marking, in any color according to the RAL scale (fully dustproof and protected against a water jet of 12.5 l/min from any side). Our devices operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can guarantee exemplary technical parameters combined with high durability.

Passenger information devices for indoor use

Various display sizes and several different technologies allow us to create any information devices for the station hall, waiting room, tunnel, or the interior of a railway carriage. They can combine video and audio functions, transmit not only basic data about the trip and stops, but also advertisements, display films, tourist information and any content.


Functionality in DYSTEN products is combined with aesthetics. We make sure that our equipment is visually attractive and its design is modern, tailored to the environment and the customer’s expectations. Many elements contribute to a good visual effect – such as glass flush with the housings (in one plane), special filters improving the visibility of texts and graphics on displays, and many other elements.

Great, experienced team

We have great engineers and technology enthusiasts in our team – the best specialists to build extremely technologically advanced devices with extraordinary durability. Years of experience and the passion with which we develop new technologies and develop existing ones allow us to make any type of device according to any specification that will work properly anywhere in the world – both in a hot, sandy desert and in the Siberian tundra during great frosts.

Network solutions

Our devices can be managed on a network, which allows all display groups to operate smoothly and exchange information 24 hours a day via a local or remote connection.


The most important principle at DYSTEN is customer orientation – solving your problem thanks to all available knowledge and commitment of the team. We provide free support at the concept level to ensure that your solution has an optimal product life cycle. This means that the developed devices can be compliant not only with current standards but also ready for future ones. Therefore, please contact us by e-mail – we will be happy to help you find the best solution.

In our work, we are guided by the ISO standard – but this is a consequence of a conscious focus on the perfect adjustment of devices to the unique needs of the customer, which has been our motto every day for over a dozen years.