Dysten is the best European manufacturer of passenger information displays for railways in 2018

DYSTEN was awarded in a competition of the industry magazine International Transport News from Great Britain. The jury recognized Dysten as the best manufacturer of passenger information displays for railways due to high quality combined with meticulous adjustment to the customer’s needs. The company uses LED, LCD, TFT technologies, and recently also e-paper, to create tailor-made passenger information systems.
Open protocols make device integration easy, fast and there are no hidden costs. Dysten can produce short series of devices in various sizes and shapes that are optimal for the architectural concept of the facility (station, transfer center, platform, etc.). A wide range of optional solutions, such as SOS modules, TTS (text to speech) and monitoring invisible at first glance, increase the safety and comfort of travelers. Dysten is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. The company is flexible – it accepts various cooperation models. It has its own production facilities, a large team of engineers and extensive service. Experts awarded DYSTEN an award in the Rail & Road Transport Awards 2018 category.Award for Dysten - Best Railway Passenger Information Displays Manufacturer in Europe